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A Walking Tour of Caltech

The campus of Caltech has been a welcome respite for Pasadena residents during the pandemic, offering a tranquil setting for walks. In this post, we take a tour and show you the most interesting sights on campus.

Toys, Dulces, Shops, and Nostalgia: an Interview with Brenda Escobar

Photographer Brenda Escobar captures the nostalgic beauty of much of Los Angeles, from her home neighborhood of Reseda to the Toy District of Downtown LA. In this post, we discuss her artwork, her upbringing in the Valley, her favorite places to visit, and the travails of going to FedEx.

Leslie Frank, A Modern Flaneur

Leslie Frank explores Los Angeles with her iPhone camera. She finds her subjects by chance, but imbues her photography with stories and emotion by pure skill. After calling her during covid restrictions, we learn how she keeps her practice going despite the limitations.

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