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What is Transiting Los Angeles?

Welcome to Transiting Los Angeles! We are a local travel site that highlights interesting places in the Los Angeles area that you can visit by using public transit. Each of our guides are extensively researched, complete with pictures and maps, so that you can use them to explore and learn more about the many fascinating places the city has to offer.

Transiting Los Angeles was born out of the creators’ love for exploring the city and sharing our favorite places with our friends. John Perry, a transplant to LA and public transit advocate, and Janeth Estevez, a native Angeleno and regular transit user, started this project in 2020 to share our knowledge and love for Los Angeles and advocate for public transit, teaching readers how to visit these places themselves without having to rely on a car.

Our content is written with the assumption of taking transit, to reflect how the two of us experience the city. But if you are inspired to drive somewhere because of something you see here, we welcome you to. However, we still encourage you to use transit, because you cheat yourself if you drive through Los Angeles. The city does not reveal its vibrancy to those who sit behind the wheel and drive past. It is through walking the streets, riding a bike, or getting on a bus or train with your fellow Angelenos that you can begin to sense the fine texture of this vast city.


Writer/Map maker/Photographer — John Perry

Writer/Editor/Illustrator/Photographer — Janeth Estevez

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures and illustrations on this site were created by John Perry and Janeth Estevez

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Unlike most travel content on the internet, we do not host advertising on our website, to maintain the high quality of our guides. Instead, we ask for the direct support of our readers. If you enjoy our work, please consider supporting us by becoming a subscriber to our Patreon! Your contribution helps us keep Transiting Los Angeles going!

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