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What is Transiting Los Angeles?

Transiting Los Angeles is a local travel blog that describes places you can see in the Los Angeles area by using the transit system. It’s presented as a guide, written from the perspectives of both a native Angeleno and a transplant. We include pictures and the occasional map so that you too can use transit to explore the many fascinating places the city has to offer.

That’s the short answer. You can stop here if you want.

To explain our philosophy a bit further, “Transiting Los Angeles” is a name that came out of an attempt to create a verb that describes the act of taking transit. Both of the creators of this blog use transit as our main means of getting around the city, and we wanted to share the wonderful places we saw and teach readers how to visit themselves without having to rely on a car.

That said, we didn’t want to call this blog “Los Angeles Without a Car.” For one, we didn’t want to define our travels by the absence of something. But also, defining it in such terms implies an alternative lifestyle, and that’s not how we view ourselves. Taking transit isn’t a “lifestyle” choice for us, it’s just how we live. As such, our content is written with the assumption of taking transit, to reflect how we see the city. But if you are inspired to drive somewhere because of something you see here, we welcome you to.

However, we still encourage you to use transit, because you cheat yourself if you drive through Los Angeles. The city does not reveal its vibrancy to those who sit behind the wheel and drive past. It is through walking the streets, riding a bike, or getting on a bus or train with your fellow Angelenos that you can begin to sense the fine texture of this vast city.

Those of you familiar with astronomy may know that “transiting” is an actual word, which we only found out after coming up with the name. Transiting means to pass through or across a place, and astronomers use it to refer to the passage of a celestial body between two other objects. While we chose it to imply mass transit, its dictionary definition better serves to describe the act of travel than the terminology of most travel content, which often uses terms like discover or off the beaten path. After all, you’re not “discovering” these places, because people already live here. While we focus on places less well-known than the city’s more famous attractions, no place in Los Angeles is “off the beaten path.”

We are not looking to stake a claim to the places we describe. Rather, we are simply passing through and taking delight in what we see along the way. In other words, we are Transiting Los Angeles.


Writer/Map maker/Photographer — John Perry

Writer/Editor/Illustrator/Photographer — Janeth Estevez

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures and illustrations on this site were created by John Perry and Janeth Estevez

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