The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #4: The First Buses

On this day exactly 100 years ago, the City of Los Angeles held an election that resulted in the creation of the city’s first extensive bus network. In this episode, John talks about the early history of LA’s transit system and the strange events that led to the city’s first bus system.

The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #2: “We didn’t wuss out the way Foothill Transit did”

What was happening in the ’80s and ’90s that brought about the end of the RTD, and why did one of its top officials feel compelled to call Foothill Transit a bunch of wusses?

Urban Nature: Los Angeles State Historic Park

On the edge of Chinatown is a beautiful new park that sits on one of the most historically significant sites in all of Los Angeles. Here we explore the site’s history, what the park has to offer, and what the future might hold.