The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #5: La Sombrita

Last week saw the most hilarious transit debacle in recent memory, and we needed to talk about it. Join us as we discuss the fallout over the ill-conceived “La Sombrita,” take a closer look at the consultants who brought it to us, and share some insights into how something like this comes to be.

The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #4: The First Buses

On this day exactly 100 years ago, the City of Los Angeles held an election that resulted in the creation of the city’s first extensive bus network. In this episode, John talks about the early history of LA’s transit system and the strange events that led to the city’s first bus system.

The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #3: The Future

Metro is currently building a lot of projects that will dramatically expand our city’s rail system by the end of the decade. In this (somewhat goofy) episode, John covers each one in detail and gives his thoughts.

The Glendale Narrows of the L.A. River

Join us as we explore the Glendale Narrows, a soft-bottomed stretch of the L.A. River that holds trees and wildlife, and serves as the focal point of efforts to revitalize our much maligned waterway.

The Transiting Los Angeles Podcast – #2: “We didn’t wuss out the way Foothill Transit did”

What was happening in the ’80s and ’90s that brought about the end of the RTD, and why did one of its top officials feel compelled to call Foothill Transit a bunch of wusses?

Brown Girl Travels: An Interview with Ashley Marie Garcia

Based out of Highland Park, Ashley Marie Garcia publishes Brown Girl Travels, a travel magazine presenting the stories and art of women of color. Join us for our interview with her, where we discuss her work, memorable travel experiences, growing up in Northeast L.A., and how the educational system often fails brown girls.